Welcome to The Discipleship Project

The calling that Jesus has given us in Matthew 28:19 is to “Go and make disciples”. The way that Jesus exampled this for us was through a mentoring relationship with His disciples. Jesus invested His time, teaching, prayers, love, and care into a handful of guys, so that they would #1 grow spiritually themselves, and #2 they would, in turn, be equipped to help others grow spiritually. (Mark 3:14) (2 Tim 2:2). This is the design of Christ for His Church. The Discipleship Project is an attempt to facilitate discipleship/mentoring relationships for people in the church that want someone to come along side them to help them grow spiritually. We have and are constantly developing a pool of faithful mentors who are ready and willing to meet. If you would like to be discipled/mentored signup here and we will prayerfully match you up with someone who will meet with you, study with you, encourage you, pray for you, and be there for you. 

Here are just a few quick questions to help us find a mentor for you.

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